is a site dedicated to being the ultimate source online for finding used K5 Blazer SUVs for sale across English speaking North America (United States and Canada).  In order to accomplish this goal we operate our site in a unique way to serve our customers and visitors.  Read below for more information on this.


Ad Creation

It is our goal to be a comprehensive source for all past and current K5 Blazers for sale across the US and Canada.  At the current time we are focused on only the K5 model for production years of 1969 – 1991.  In the future we may expand this model range but for now that is all we show on this site.  In order to get a complete picture of the marketplace we create ads on the site from the following sources.

  1. Direct: listings sent directly to us through our Ad Submission form
  2. Craigslist: ads reposted from local Craigslist classifieds
  3. eBay: auctions reposted from eBay Motors

Under the Ad Information at the beginning of each ad you will see a Source field.  Here you can find the place where the ad originated from.


Ad Management

Listings that are submitted to us are updated every day during normal business hours.  Ads reposted from Craigslist and eBay are updated on a weekly basis.  We repost ads from Craigslist and eBay to give a complete picture of the market howerever we are not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of the information there.  We do our best to keep those ads as up to date as possible, however sometimes you may find outdated or incorrect information.

This is particularly true when it comes to Contact information from Craigslist.  We provide the best contact information available, however we are limited by the Craigslist interface and email intermediary should the seller choose to use that and not provide a phone number.  If you have trouble reaching a seller you can let us know, however be aware that we will not be able to assist you or provide any additional information.


Rolling Database

One of the unique elements of is that we do not remove listings once they are sold.  Instead we simply mark ads as SOLD and remove the seller’s contact information.  We do this to provide a rolling database of past and present K5 Blazers for sale.  The idea is to create a fair market value calculator for buyers and sellers to use when trying to understand what a particular K5 Blazer is worth.  You can see various model years across different regions and also compare on important features such as mileage, restoration aspects, lift kits and more.


Expired / Sold Listings

We do our best to mark items as SOLD as we find them or are notified, however from time to time we do miss one altogether.  In an effort to safe guard against potential buyers trying to buy already sold Blazers; we have provided a “Last Updated” field at the top of each listing.  This is different than the original post date provided on the ad and serves to give an aging marker for each unique listing.  Please note that if you find an older ad that is not marked as SOLD it is likely no longer available.  However this is not always the case, so feel free to try and reach out to the seller.  Just keep in mind that it may have been one of the ones we have missed.

Should you find a SOLD listing please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  Additionally if you are a seller and would like your personal contact information removed regardless of your Blazer’s sold status please let us know.


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