Detailed below is a brief overview of the K5 Blazer nameplate.  For more information check out our History page. For technical details see our Features and Specifications page.

Chevrolet K5 Blazer Overview

The K5 Blazer is an iconic sports utility vehicle under the Chevrolet marque built and sold by General Motors from 1969 – 1991 in North America. This two-door full size SUV spans two distinct body style generations and is notable for not only its long production run but also its removal rear hardtop.

Competitors during the same manufacturing time period were primarily the Ford Bronco and Dodge Ramcharger however the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Pathfinder would also be considered by most people to vie for the same customers.

For more about the K5 Blazer concept, design, components and production run be sure to check out our History page.


Lifted / Custom K5 Blazers & Off-Road Use

K5 Blazer Off RoadOne of the primary uses of the K5 Blazer is for off-road purposes including four-wheeling, camping, hunting and more. While at the time it was common to see newer K5 blazers as daily drivers they are commonly used today by enthusiasts as a second vehicle for more recreational purposes.

This includes lifting and heavily modifying custom K5 Blazers to accommodate the conditions of these recreational activities. From, off-road tires to camouflage re-sprays and brush guards there are numerous common customizations.

1972 K5 Blazer 4WD SandFor this reason there has sprung up a pretty healthy aftermarket parts and fabrications market. This includes custom soft tops, bumpers, seats and other accessories specifically designed for the K5 Blazer.

Be sure to check out or Parts & Accessories page for more on this and also see our Restoration page for more resources.

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