One of the most popular accessories for the Chevy K5 Blazer is the aftermarket soft top.  It is highly sought after as not only an alternative to the factory hardtop but also as a full time replacement.

Currently there are few options to purchase a K5 Blazer Soft Top or Sports Top.  Another option of course is the homemade approach which is very doable with relatively low level tools and expertise.  We discuss both these options below, but be sure to check back for solutions of our own.

Please note:  Currently there is not a retail option of the 1st generation and early 2nd generation “full convertible” K5 Blazers.  If you have one of these models your only option at the moment is to get one custom made or DIY.



Softpper is a US based manufacturer of various soft tops and related accessories.  They make tops for numerous Pickups, Jeeps, SUV including the K5 Blazer.  The only make a soft top version for model years 1976 – 1991, however they provide numerous top options such as window tint, canvas color and rear mesh screen panel.  While exceeding $1K with all options it may be pricey but it is also fully self contained and the more popular option on the market today.



Skyler offers a unique sport soft top for the half cab K5 Blazer.  It is sort of a combination duster cover / windjammer that includes a rear window for visibility.  While you will loose the seating and storage space it is a more reasonable price point for those looking for a replacement top.



At one time Can Back made a unique soft top for 1976-1991 K5 Blazer which included a partially enclosed construction along with roof rack.  Roll up sides and heavy-duty construction allowed for many supplementary uses for this top.  At this time the K5 Blazer is not offered on their site however they have plans to bring more vehicles in the future.


DIY (Homemade) K5 Blazer Soft Top

A soft top is one of the easier aftermarket accessories that can be manufactured in a weekend warrior’s garage.  There are numerous easily obtainable fabric options including mesh for a full weather effect.  Straps, rings, cords and other materials needed are easily ordered online or found at local hardware stores.  Check back for our own designs in the future but for now see the video below for more ideas on how to make your own.  Also see The Official DIY Soft Top Thread on for more info.




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